What is AEBlocks and why to choose AEBlocks? 
AEBlocks is a team, which focuses on creating Templates for Adobe Afterr Effects, Presets and Motion Graphics. AEBlocks aims to provide its clients with high quality products. We offer individual support to each client and creative editing service if necessary. 
I have never used After Effects or I cannot use it well, can I still use your Templates?
Our Templates have video instructions, which show and describe in details the whole process how to use the Templates. We also provide you with Editing service. 
What software do I need to use your Templates?
Our Templates and Presets require in most cases Adobe AfterEffects CS5 software. On each product page is mentioned the minimum version, but you can use any above version. Our Motion Graphic is compatible with any kind of Video Editing software. Make sure you have installed Apple Quicktime codec. 

How can I try your product? 
We have Free products, which you can download from the tab “Freebie”.
As Member how to download? 
Click on Buy button to start download.
Do you accept payment through PayPal?
Sorry, at present we do not accept payment through PayPal. 
Do you store my credit card details?
We do not store your Credit Card details. The whole process is going on between the banks. From our side all information is encrypted by High End standard 256 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and no one has access to it. 
What if you add new Templates after I become a member?
Gaining a membership, any added product in future will be available for you, until your membership expires. 
Becoming a member of one of your Plans, do I get billed when my membership expires?
After the expiration of the period, you switch to “Free” plan and you should get new membership, if you wish. 
How long can I keep my downloaded files?
All your downloaded files belong to you forever. You can also use End Result in commercial purposes. 
Do you give Invoice?
We give you an invoice. Registering on our web site, you leave your E-mail to which we will send you the invoice after purchasing our product. In your profile, there is a tab, where we will also post the invoice.